Kamal Moummad
Kamal Moummad:  A look inside my journey. Beginning this quest to success starts with acknowledging the Most High for blessing my life. My desire is to welcome your interest by thanking you for your love and continuing support. I am deeply touched by the encouragement, motivation, and heartening inspiration that I have received since becoming both an actor and a writer.  Needless to say, I am extremely grateful and appreciative for the great moral boost, emotional lift, and spiritual 'guiding light' that I have been given by people of all walks of life. Despites  all the  trials and tribulations that I continue to experience since moving to Los Angeles, I remain confident in my abilities to make a propitious and therefore positive contribution to this incredible industry. In the past few years I have developed such a fervent passion for acting. This intense desire to fully explore my potential as a stage, television, and  ultimately film character has allowed me to rapidly mature and grow as an individual. It is my paramount hope and supreme  aspiration to sustain, in a healthy and vigorous way, the same level of flourishment, growth, and proliferation.  Again I would like to express to all of you my sincere gratitude, genuine appreciation, and heartfelt indebtedness. Truthfully yours! One Love ~ Kamal
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